Youth Ministries

In addition to our regular Youth Group meetings, The Trinity Bay South Corps offers programs to build up young people and to solidify their faith and their desire to serve. Read about all of our programs for our young people here.

Music Ministries

Our Corps encompasses many varied forms/styles of music that, when used effectively, reach the hearts of those who listen whether inside the church during our services and special events or outside during community outreach and evangelism through open-airs, community invitations and seasonal events.

Community Care Ministry

The Community Care Ministry is designed to reach out to those who are sick, hurting or lonely. Through visitation, chapel meetings at senior's homes, delivery of fruit baskets, cards, telephone calls etc., we strive to be Christ's hands and feet in our world.

Women's Ministries

Our corps offers programs for women from all walks of life and many different circumstances. From quilting, to fellowship we have something for everyone.

Men's Ministries

Men’s Ministries meet twice every month with one meeting being an ‘outreach’ to shut-ins, Community Centers (ie. The SA Wiseman Centre, Whitbourne Youth Home, etc). There are also spiritual evenings between different Corps and churches.

Emergency and Disaster Services

The mission of the Emergency Disaster Team is to develop and maintain a plan to prepare for, respond to and recover from all types of emergencies that may occur in our communities. There is a memorandum of understanding with the Provincial Government to provide this service.